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Of Interest

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Current Articles

How to Secure Your Windows PC Using Free Software

by Howard Fosdick

Most IT professionals use Windows for their desktop operating system, yet few really know how to secure it. In this informative article, author Howard Fosdick shows you how to secure your Windows PC — for free. If you are interested in saving yourself many headaches and much money, read on ...

The Database Market Shake-Up

by Howard Fosdick

For at least a decade, market shares in the commercial database marketplace have remained about the same. The “Big Three” database vendors predominate – Oracle, IBM, and Microsoft. Now here is what is interesting: After all these years of stability, the database market faces a major upheaval. Open source software has greatly impacted such areas as operating systems and Web servers, but its impact on database software in IT organizations has been minor up to this time. But no longer. Read more to find out about the trend that is shaking up an industry.

Popular Articles

Molecular, Atomic and Sub-atomic Data Elements: Part 1 by Joe Celko

Molecular, Atomic and Sub-atomic Data Elements: Part 2 by Joe Celko

DBA Certifications Compared: Oracle vs. DB2 vs. SQL Server by Howard Fosdick

An Old Class of Errors by Fabian Pascal

What Is a DBA? by Craig S. Mullins


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