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Craig Mullins' Blog

Current Articles


A Guide to DB2 Locking – Part 3

by Craig S. Mullins

This is the final installment of a three-part series on DB2 locking (adapted from my book, DB2 Developer’s Guide). In this piece, we will look at locking and data sharing, as well as offer some advice on implementing an efficient DB2 locking strategy.

Podcast: Coming to an Enterprise Near You

If everyone had their own crystal ball, no one would be curious about what the future may hold for the database industry (and our working lives), right? We don’t have a crystal ball, but DBAzine has its very own visionary on hand to help us. Join us as industry (very) smart guy Craig Mullins weighs in on a lot of issues that are dear to our hard-working hearts, including trends he sees now, and for the future, in database management; that perennially sore matter of data growth; the open source movement’s impact on the database market; software as a service; and more.


Tuning Up for OLTP and Data Warehousing - Part 3

by Scott Hayes and Philip Gunning

According to Scott Hayes and Phil Gunning, seventy-five percent or more of performance improvements come from properly tuning SQL. And, SQL tuning actually involves physical design changes such as providing optimum indexes; using indexes and clustering to avoid or reduce sort costs This article describes how to get the most out of these changes.

Popular Articles

Q&As on Dates and DB2 by Craig S. Mullins

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